Saturday, 16 June 2012

Iain and Nicola's Wedding

Last weekend the wedding of Iain and Nicola took place in glorious sunshine, a miracle given the wind and rain of the week before. The wedding was truly beautiful with Italian influences (especially on the menu) and gorgeous bright colours of summer with corals, yellows, blues and whites all mixed in with some hints of vintage. So let me take you on a journey through some of my favourite bits and inspirational ideas.

Nicola, her mum, bridesmaid, sister and 'mother in law to be' worked together on Friday putting together all the flowers for the tables and windowsills. They were arranged in vintage cut glass vases, rose bowls and tea cups that had been collected specially over the last year.

The flowers were such glorious colours.
And the mismatch collection of vases and candles looked really effective. Well done girls!

Iain's family went off to Croyde beach to gather sand for the 'lolly buckets', I particularly loved the moustaches and the lips.

Peter, myself and Hannah (Nicola's sister) put up this lovely garland of flowers and glass teardrop lights on the hall chandelier. It looked really pretty with the staircase all matching but played havoc with my vertigo trying to grab the chandalier over the banister, aghhh!

Guests felt really welcomed with local Devon fudge, a fridge full of yummy breakfast and a welcome letter from Iain and Nicola. Brilliant cartoon at the top!

From the menu's to the door tags and so much more, Hannah had done amazingly with the graphic design. What a talanted sister to have!

So with the ballroom looking fabulous.....

and the scene set for love, the guests arrived and they all set off for Friday night at one of our marvellous local pubs 'The Rock'. By all accounts a great night was had by all.

On Saturday morning the sunshine was out and we set up for the wedding in the Italian Garden. Nicola and Iain had hired in these great Chivari chairs and roses tied along the aisle added a special something.

These were placed on each chair...too cute!

Some last minute lippy before the ceremony.

Nicola looked absolutely gorgeous.

Down the aisle she went with her lovely dad Derek.

It was a beautiful service.

Congratulations!! Jamie Bott was their photographer, Jamie is a wonderful local boy who's photo's we love and really enjoy working with. Thank you Jamie for this one! It also shows Nicola's incredible bouquet by Deryn at 'Twigs' .

Prosecco on the lawn and terrace was followed by cocktails....

Nicola and Iain chose to serve their favourite ‘Dark and Stormy ‘ cocktails inspired by a trip to Barbados. They went down rather well, I don't think 4 is a great idea though Matt!!
This super bucket of Chinese paper parasols came in very handy in the glorious sunshine.

They looked really beautiful.

I am devastated that I didn’t take any photos of the food as the Italian inspired menu was completely delicious and had lots of fantastic reviews from the guests. As part of the trio of puddings Lee the chef made the Limoncello by hand in a traditional Italian way which took months, now there's dedication!

The first dance followed by a lot more dancing.

On the mantel piece photo’s of Iain and Nicola documented lovely times that they have had in Devon in the past that has made Devon such a special place for them.

Great idea.....the frame awaits a lovely wedding photo.

Photo’s on a string.

The sweetie table made a great snack stop in the evening.

I wonder what could be in the dressing up basket??

ooh, glow in the dark heart look gorgeous Hannah!!
What a completely lovely weekend, congratulations again Iain and Nicola!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Jubilee Celebrations Part 2

A Jubilee celebration would not be complete without a good old village knees up, organised by the W.I.

There were Union Jack flags,

Union Jack bunting,

Miss Summerville (our kids school teacher) sporting a pair of Union Jack sunglasses,

A picture of our Queen,

and a giant multi-coloured parrot?! What?! I don't remember hearing about that at the coronation!

The event was supposed to be held on the village green but with the dreadful weather, plan b was the village hall. It was packed!

The lovely Sophie and her mates from our local secondary school, made this sign and gave up their afternoon to face-paint our kids.

They poured over books of various designs.

Liza decided on an angel.

I love the W.I. They put on the whole event for no charge and

worked tirelessly to ensure everyone had a good time.

They really got into the spirit..

along with my gorgeous friend Lou (of the home-made bunting fame).

'Captain Coconut' entertained us with his bubble abilities while we all trekked outside to watch our kids perform the may-pole and broom dance.

My Zac (right) had spent the last week telling us how there was 'no way' he was going to be doing the 'Maple (as in syrup) dance'.

So imagine my surprise when i suddenly saw him a hop, skipping and a jumping around that pole! Apparently Mr Thomas made him do it! Good work Mr T.

The guy holding down the pole on the left side is our netball coach. For a small village it is amazing how many girls turn up to play on a thursday.

The may-pole took up half the road so we had to stop the cars and every-so-often let them come past. It was a bit surreal. 

Our Molly did a fab job thrusting each leg out in time to the music with gusto.

After the may-pole came the broom dance for class 4. I don't think i've ever seen a broom dance. It was great!

Ah, the parrot again. I can now see that I was a bit hard on this parrot. To be fair, he IS wearing a Union Jack flag as a cardi. Now that's creative.

Everyone is a bit nuts but I think thats why we love living in a village so much.

We all know each other's 'nutness' and thats what makes it real and special.

A good time was had by all!

Well, nearly all...for some it might have been a bit much?!

Thank You Georgeham W.I x