Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Uh oh!

Millie-Grace, our youngest Pickweller, fell off the school Motivator yesterday and has fractured her arm...
Poor Millie!

On a brighter note..we have a fantastic new cupboard/wardrobe going in to our apartment 'Serenity' complete with a hide-away bed for a child. I am so excited by this as the room has needed it for a long time, its going to look amazing!

Adam is also here painting the outside of the house...the transformation is brilliant. you can see the difference here..


  1. ouch. Hope that arm heals quickly, Millie. But what on earth is a 'School Motivator?'
    Lots of Love from Bristol

  2. LOL!!! Its a wooden climbing frame thing...we keep accidently referring to it as a rotivator. The kids love it..my only fear is they might take it down. Health and safety :(

  3. The Motivator... what a great name... always thought it was odd to call it that!