Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Mike and Katie's Legoland wedding

What an adventure loving, creative pair these two are. From the moment I met them, I was struck by how they brimmed with fun and a passion for life.

For me, it has been such a delight watching Mike and Katie enjoy creating their wedding together. They seem to have had such fun coming up with ideas, making all of their amazing 'wedmin' as they have termed their wedding creations. So let me take you on a journey through their wedding, which has been a delight to have at Pickwell from start to finish.

Mike and Katie arrived earlier, on Wednesday, and the fun began. They had set up this lovely welcome table, from which each guest collected their envelope to find...

their wedding passport inside, full of useful info and fun activities to do, including getting someone else to draw in your passport picture of you!

On Thursday after lunch they went off to Mortehoe for a 'Shepherding experience' with David Kennard at Borough Farm, They came back having really enjoyed this brilliant and fascinating experience, made extra wonderful by the stunning views of Morte Point. This is a you tube clip from the Borough Farm website to give you a taster. For those readers with little children you may have seen his Sheepdog, Mist,  in Channel 5's children's programme 'Sheepdog Tales'. 


The construction of the first of the wedding cakes, 'The Ferrero Rocher Tower'..."ah monsieur with these Ferrero Rocher you are really spoiling us!!"

After two days of relaxing, preparing, and lots of lovely socialising with their friends, the wedding day arrived and started with.......

sheep onesies!! Here the bridesmaids, Louise and Lucy, model their beautiful fluffiness.

Louise caught on film trotting across the terrace, with her cute fluffy tail.

The flowers arrived from Deryn at Twigs florist. As Katie's maiden name is Snowball, she had asked for snowball shaped flowers. 

Beautiful and snowball like they were too. 

Changing Faces were doing the girls hair and makeup. They are such a lovely team and always make the atmosphere of the wedding morning really enjoyable.

The registrar arrived, hmmm, Katie was not looking terribly ready it has to be said. Not sure what I said to get this facial expression :-)

All hands on deck for button fastening, whilst Katie made a few last minute sewing alterations to the front of her dress. Katie is incredibly handy and this seemed like a very 'Katie' thing to be doing.

Ready and on her way. All I can say is STUNNING!

As it had been raining all morning, the ballroom had been set up for the ceremony and looked like this until 20 minutes before the ceremony began. Then the sun came out and 'all change'!!

Sunshine, yipee, we could have the ceremony outside!! In case guests were a bit chilly, Mike had brought these wonderful blankets, handmade by the Maasai tribe, back from Africa. Fortunately they weren't needed for warmth, but certainly added a wonderful warmth of colour to the scene.

Confetti time!

This garden sign post showed the way to all the fun and activities.

The guests enjoyed Strawberry Mojitos on the terrace and delicious canapes, whilst I took the opportunity to pop around and photograph all of their lovely 'wedmin'. Mike and Katie's beloved cat, who sadly could not actually be with us in person, made an appearance in photo form on the mantel piece. 

I loved these little jar keepsakes, designed for guests to put advice for Katie and Mike to open on their future anniversaries.

Maps were definitely a big theme. These were the menus on the tables complete with a Pickwell stamp at the top. What a delicious menu they had chosen with Salmon followed by Exmoor lamb, yummy!

How fabulous are these Lego table centre pieces!! Each tells a story from Mike and Katie's travels. I wish I had asked for the stories for each of these now, as many of them seem to involve getting in trouble for taking pictures?!?

Katie and Mike made these together and seemed to have had lots of fun in the process!

The Berlin wall, now there must be an interesting story behind this one.

Nassau, complete with 'Lego Katie' being sick off the back of the boat.

I am not quite sure where this even is, but there was obviously an interesting story of being stopped at a border. At least we know they were allowed through eventually or they wouldn't be here to tell the tale!

The 'Mr and Mrs' had been mappified too.

The Lego groom unfortunately was not looking too happy.... maybe he was scared of the sinister expression on the Lego bride?!?

Pom poms and bunting, ahhh pretty!

So back to the reception outside. Here they are chilling and chatting on the terrace.

I caught this group of guests doing their passport quiz together in the Snug and having a very lovely time.


Next came the rose planting ceremony.

Mike and Katie have wonderfully given Pickwell a gorgeous David Austin Boule De Neige Rose (Snowball in French), that they have planted in the garden to commemorate their special day.

The happy couple snuck off for a quick few moments together and a selfie!

Time to go in for dinner. Katie and Mike took this opportunity to say a proper hello to everyone on the way in.

Mmm, the salmon starter looked good!

Carrot salad too.

One person from each table was nominated to carve the Exmoor lamb.

Just the half leg of lamb for the bride and groom then! Mike in particular managed to make a good dent in it though.

Next up were the speeches. I loved that the bridesmaids speech dished the dirt on Katie as much as the best man did for Mike, especially....

Katie's many style changes through out the years, complete with photographic evidence. Very funny, well done girls!

Whilst guests were having coffee, their photographer Simon Gilbert (who was completely lovely and took amazing photos) whisked Katie and Mike off for some photos in the woods with the stunning Blue Bells.

Then to the Plateau as the sun was starting to set.

It was just so beautiful up there and so still.

Back to Pickwell for the cutting of the cakes. Why have one cake, when five really gives the WOW factor!

How brilliant is this authentic Pork Pie cake from Melton Mowbray.

Then the evening kicked off with the customary first dance.

Now this was brilliant, Mike had set up his computer and printer with this 'photobooth' app. It worked wonderfully and printed out the photos straight away.

As you can see, it was very much enjoyed by all... and some in particular!

Katie and her lovely bridesmaids caught a few moments together in the candlelit courtyard, snuggled up in those fabulous Maasai blankets.

Photos from their travels were projected onto the staircase wall, showing evidence that they truly are a well travelled couple.

Their band for the evening 'The Sound' were fab....

made even better by the addition of an 'air guitar' solo by Cristelle!

The end of the evening was marked with sparklers on the terrace...

and a wave goodbye to the new Mr and Mrs Blanche as they made their way off to bed.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Blanche. We hope you continue to have the most amazing adventure through life together, packed with fun and laughter too  We have so loved having your wedding here at Pickwell, come back and see us and your beautiful Boule De Neige Rose soon. We will try our very best to look after it in the meantime!

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