Thursday, 7 July 2016

Douglas and Kate's wedding- Books, Daisies and Tennis

May I introduce you to the lovely Kate and Douglas, pictured here about to have their wedding rehearsal. The clue is in the rather glamorous shoes Kate is sporting on the bottom of her jeans.

Kate rather wonderfully turned out to be my niece's English teacher, which explains where Kate's love of literature comes from. A love that inspired many of their decorations.

First Job of the day, putting up the bunting. Douglas clearly loves a themed jumper and was wearing a special printed groom hoody.

Kate's Grandma, Pauline, amazingly did all of the flowers. Grandmas are so much younger and more dynamic these days!

Everywhere was a hive of activity on Friday, as the house was transformed. Kate's brother Nick and his partner Jess help with the welcome booklets....well I say help, Jess looks to be reading hers!

Kate's mum was secretly making an album of the wedding, starring a little Lego 'Kate and Douglas' playing tennis, cute! I hope they have got it now and I'm not ruining the surprise, eek!

We must talk about the cake. Kate is wheat intolerant, so to get the perfect gluten free cake it needs to be made close to the wedding. So Kate's mum, Sarah, step dad, Tony and step brother, Andrew, arrived and the cake making began. Sarah baked her socks off and Andrew it turns out, is a cake decorating genius. Here he is attaching the cake bunting.

This is what you call a lot of daisies! They were all made and then laid in spoons to give them a lovely flower shape.

Here they are putting the final layout together, what a clever pair.


In the rooms awaiting the guests arrival, were these rather wonderful welcome books.

Everything beautifully matched in with the theme. The tea, coffee and sugar looked like three cute little shepherds all in a row with their hessian hats.

How lucky were the bridesmaids, each getting a gorgeous pile of presents, including pyjamas with their names on, little bottles of champagne and 'Daisy' perfume.

Daisies played a big role and it reminded me how much I really love them!

The wedding morning arrived after a lovely BBQ on the Friday night. Kate's gorgeous dress needed lacing up the back, definitely a two person task. A good job mum and Amy, her bridesmaid, were on hand.


The weather was being a bit of a pickle that day, so we lit the fires and made the house welcoming, warm and twinkly for guests to arrive.

The hallway certainly gave a pretty welcome with Kate and Douglas' lovely decorations.

The ceremony inside was a gorgeous and intimate occasion.

It is brilliant when you have talented friends. Kate's colleague, Jen and her partner, Neil, were the wonderful musical accompaniment.

After the ceremony it was time for drinks and canapes before the speeches. There were snippets of literary verse dotted around, to uplift the guests! There was plenty for them to do including...

Giving Kate and Douglas their date suggestions. Apparently they are going to do every one of them, however weird or wacky.

They got more cheeky as the day went on but this was a rather sweet early one.

They had put lots of their invitation reply cards in a frame which was lovely to  read.

The yellow bridesmaid dresses that matched the boys ties were so pretty.


Then on to speeches on the stairs.

There was a touch of Romeo and Juliet about this moment.

The best man, Mark, ably managed to turn Douglas into the court jester during his speech, complete with Indian head dress. Including some very funny stories!


Then dinner was served. The table centres were a feast in themselves, for both the eyes and the mind.

Each table was named after one of their favourite books, with the book and a quote in the centre.

Everything was so beautifully co-ordinated and thought through, even down to the children's books and boxes of treats.

Lovely boys!

Kate did a quick change after dinner into these very cool silver Converse in readiness for the....

All the guests lined the court as they played their first game of tennis as Mr and Mrs Neagle. Tennis is a very big part of Kate and Douglas' life, especially as Douglas is one of the Wimbledon umpires. Needless to say there were a number of umpire chums on the side lines, giving their pennies worth!


After Tennis what better than some delicious cake? It was chocolate fudge cake too, yummy! Here you can see one of our favourite wedding photographers Pete Cox in action.

Cutting the cake, kicked off a brilliant evening of dancing and fun, as seen in these lovely polaroid pics.

Evening food was Lee, our chef's, home made fish and chips followed by ice cream.

At the end of the night everyone made an arch as the bride and groom....

made their way off to bed. Goodnight and sweet dreams lovely newly-weds!


The sun was truely shining Sunday morning for breakfast and more tennis.

I told you Douglas loves a themed jumper!!

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Neagle, we have loved every bit of helping you prepare for and be part of your lovely wedding weekend... and what a weekend it was. We wish you every happiness in your adventures through life together, come back and visit soon!

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